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You can see a lot of tourists, expats and locals all boozing the night away. At the entrance ask for the rmb open bar.

Hooking up in a Bar in Shanghai | Shanghai Happy Blog

This bar is located in Hengshan Road. Phebe can be a lot of fun. Filter out the P4P and have a good time. Free beer on Mondays from 10pm — 11pm.

A little tacky, but can be fun. Has a backpacker feel to it some nights. M1NT — Bund area. Coat check is free. Drinks are expensive, bring a few stacks. This is where the rich and famous hang out in Shanghai. Models dance on the bar and sharks swim around in the tanks behind you. This is a clean, modern nightclub on the Bund with decent music but not much of a party atmosphere. Drinks are good but expensive.

Meet Shanghai girls in Hengshan Road

Often attracts the expat crowd. It is worth checking out. Most memorable part was the big black bouncer with a cool haircut. Hit up Geisha on ladies night for a good time. Ladies drink free until midnight, and the crowd is a nice mix of sophisticated locals and young expats. Never overcrowded and the music is just loud enough so that you can hear yourself speak without screaming and losing your voice. The music is excellent, the drinks are excellent, the crowd is excellent.

Top 10 Clubs & Bars in Shanghai to Meet Girls

Windows Basement plays a fantastic mix of reggae and old school hip hop beats, with a little bit of the new school thrown in. Not a good place to creep. Too much sitting down and drinking. Also a sit down in groups and drink place. Cool if you have a group of guys and girls and want to chill out and work on your date. Not a good place to roll solo and try and pickup. Similar to Mooks, but not as many tables.

MUCH better venues for doing that.

Nightlife in Shanghai (what you didn't expect to see in China)

This is a university pub quite far out of the centre. It is however filled every Friday night with Fudan University language students getting absolutely wasted on buckets of redbull vodka, whiskey cola, or cheap beers, it is a flaggers paradise. Well, here are the top places to go in Shanghai to meet Chinese girls:. Looking for places in Shanghai with a more romantic setting but also has places where you can dance your feet away to eardrum-beating music? Did you know that in Xintiandi, you can have the chance to meet some of the hottest Shanghai girls?

Meet Shanghai girls in Xintiandi

With bars, restaurants, and cafes sitting side by side, you can meet Shanghai girls anywhere in Xintiandi depending on your party mood. Just have fun and look your best. One little fact about Hengshan Road is that it used to be the French Concession of China which served as the center of the premier residential district in Shanghai during the 20th century.

Normally they have great live bands and the place is very popular for western people in shanghai. Dragon Club Shanghai Closed. Only in this bar you will not only find Asian girls, but also girls from Russia, Brasil, India and so on. Cocktails are pricey butthe two-floor sound proof venue has long-term popularity. The most girls in this bars are freelance Chinese girls and a lot of them will go home with you, if you are generous. Expect tables full of patrons drinking bottles of whisky with green tea, dancing girls, suits and rattling dice, but all done in such an over-the-top way that your jaw will be on the floor.

The Jules Verne-style interior and wild live performances are also gobsmacking. The mango mojito is a fruity way to start the weekend, and the combination tapas platter provides ample satisfaction for any gastronome. Coupled with regular live music performances, this venue has something for all the senses. But in the Luna Bar you also will have a chance to find some russian or black working girls. First off great website! I have been travelling to Shanghai for many years and the insight here is fantastic.

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As state above I travel frequently to Shanghai on business and in most cases travel alone. Great info on website. I have been traveling to China for many years and usually en p having free time on my hands in Shanghai.