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Journal Staff. They might look like two ordinary ducks to most of us. But to birders, the courtship of this improbable pair on Sarnia Bay has been.

A consummate producer, Marshall wore many hats during this period of his career, Most of his hit television series were created and his first producing assignment came with Hey, Landlord in He stepped up the next year, producing The Lucy Show. He also appeared in two episodes of Happy Days as a drummer and he portrayed the role of director on Burbanks Lights. Float in the Rose Parade and his son Scott Marshall is also a director.

Michael Kidd — Michael Kidd was an American film and stage choreographer, dancer and actor, whose career spanned five decades, and staged some of the leading Broadway and film musicals of the s and s. Film critic Stephanie Zacharek called the sequence in Seven Brides one of the most rousing dance numbers ever put on screen.

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He was the first choreographer to win five Tony Awards, and was awarded an honorary Academy Award in for advancing dance in film. He became interested in dance after attending a dance performance, and went on to study under Blanche Evan. He studied chemical engineering at the City College of New York, in and and he adopted the name Michael Kidd in At the time he was performing with Ballet Caravan and all the dancers were urged to adopt American names and he chose Kidd because it was short, easy to remember, and evocative of the pirate, Captain Kidd.

In , Kidd became a soloist and assistant to Loring in his Dance Players and he moved on to become a soloist for Ballet Theater, later known as the American Ballet Theater. His performances there included Fancy Free choreographed by Jerome Robbins and with music by Leonard Bernstein, in which he played one of the three sailors, while at the ABT, he created his own ballet, On Stage.

Kidds first choreography on Broadway was for E. Y, harburgs Finians Rainbow, a lyrical musical that explored racial prejudice. Kidd won his first Tony Award for that play, however, his next Broadway musicals were not successful. It was based on Damon Runyon short stories, with book by Abe Burrows, the play attracted the attention of movie producers, and he was lured to Hollywood.

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His first film was a film adaptation of Frank Loessers Broadway musical, starring Ray Bolger repeating his Broadway performance in the lead role. Kidd was hired to stage the films dances at Astaires request, Kidd said that he made Astaire comfortable by pretending that he was just making up the steps spontaneously.

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Harry Shearer — Harry Julius Shearer is an American actor, voice actor, comedian, writer, musician, author, radio host, director and producer. Born in Los Angeles, California, Shearer began his career as a child actor, from to , Shearer was a member of The Credibility Gap, a radio comedy group. Following the breakup of the group, Shearer co-wrote the film Real Life with Albert Brooks and he was a cast member on Saturday Night Live on two occasions, between —80, and — Shearer co-created, co-wrote and co-starred in the film This Is Spinal Tap, a satirical rockumentary, which became a cult hit.

Shearer has appeared in films, including A Mighty Wind. Shearer has won a Primetime Emmy Award, has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the radio category and he has been married to singer-songwriter Judith Owen since His parents were Jewish immigrants from Austria and Poland, starting when Shearer was four years old, he had a piano teacher whose daughter worked as a child actress.

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The piano teacher later decided to make a change and become a childrens agent. The teacher asked Shearers parents for permission to him to an audition. Several months later, she called Shearers parents and told them that she had gotten Shearer an audition for the radio show The Jack Benny Program, Shearer received the role when he was seven years old. He described Jack Benny as very warm and approachable He was a guy who dug the idea of people on the show getting laughs. Shearer made his debut in the film Abbott and Costello Go to Mars. Later that year, he made his first big performance in The Robe.

Throughout his childhood and teenage years he worked in television, film, in , Shearer played the precursor to the Eddie Haskell character in the pilot episode of the television series Leave It to Beaver. After the filming, Shearers parents said they did not want him to be a regular in a series, instead they wanted him to just do occasional work so that he could have a normal childhood. McKean directed one episode, and the characters became something of a phenomenon, even releasing an album as Lenny and the Squigtones in , foreign Legion of Love was a big hit for the Squigtones, with frequent play on the Dr.

Having already appeared as a musical guest and then host of Saturday Night Live, McKean joined the cast in and remained a cast member until During this time, he released a video follow up to Spinal Tap, played the villainous Mr. Dittmeyer in The Brady Bunch Movie. In , he played the voice role in the video game Zork Grand Inquisitor, as Dalboz of Gurth and appeared in the films Teaching Mrs.

The character was a success, and reappeared in s Three of a Kind, the character appeared on their short-lived spin-off series in , and then returned to The X-Files in its final season for an episode called Jump the Shark. He also did work on Oswald as Henrys cousin, Louie. After college, Williams began her career by landing national commercials.

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Her first roles in television, among others, were on Room , Nanny and she auditioned for Lucass next project, Star Wars, but lost the role of Princess Leia to Carrie Fisher. Williams and co-star Marshall had also been feuding for quite some time, and they would reconcile a few years later. She made her Broadway debut as daffy Mrs.

In , her memoir Shirley, I Jest. The marriage ended in divorce in , together they have two children, a daughter, Emily and a son, Zachary. In January , an article in the Washington Post critical of military pay raises was written by another Cindy Williams who was working as a research fellow at MIT. Carl Gottlieb — Carl Gottlieb is an American screenwriter, actor, comedian and executive.

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He is probably best known for co-writing the screenplay for Jaws, Gottlieb was born and raised in New York City, educated in the citys public school system. After studying drama at Syracuse University, he became a member, in the s and they made one feature film, A Session with the Committee, toured extensively, and played in Los Angeles Gottlieb also cowrote David Crosbys two autobiographies, s Long Time Gone and s Since Then, Gottlieb was hired as an actor to appear as Harry Meadows, the editor of the local newspaper, in Jaws. He was hired by his friend, Steven Spielberg, to redraft the script, adding more dimensions to the characters, ironically, his redrafts reduced the role of Meadows.

He wrote a book, The Jaws Log, about the difficult production of the film. Bryan Singer has referred to it as being like a movie director bible.

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He was enlisted under similar circumstances to work on the Jaws 2 screenplay and he co-wrote the screenplays for The Jerk and Jaws 3-D. Gottlieb contributes to Jaws related activities, such as interviews and attended JawsFest on Marthas Vineyard in June and he joined the Writers Guild of America in after becoming interested in Guild politics and with a desire to serve fellow writers following writers strikes in the s and He ran for the Board of Directors in , and was re-elected for numerous terms thereafter and he was again appointed VP of the Writers Guild of America, West in and served until the following year.

In , after playing supporting roles on television, Marshall was cast as Laverne DeFazio for a guest appearance on the sitcom Happy Days. Marshall reprised the DeFazio role for the entire run from until She was nominated for a Golden Globe award for her three times. Her birth name, Carole, was selected because her mothers favorite actress was Carole Lombard. Her middle name was selected because her sister, Ronny, wanting a horse in the Bronx, was saving her pennies. Religion played no role in the Marshall childrens lives, Garry Marshall was christened Episcopalian, Ronny was Lutheran, and Penny was confirmed in a Congregational Church, because other sent us anyplace that had a hall where she could put on a recital.

If she hadnt needed performance space, we wouldnt have bothered and she grew up at Grand Concourse, the Bronx, a very long street that was also the childhood home of Neil Simon, Paddy Chayefsky, Calvin Klein, and Ralph Lauren. She began her career as a tap dancer at age three, and later taught tap at her mothers dance school and she graduated from Walton High School and attended the University of New Mexico.

In , she moved to Los Angeles to join her older brother Garry Marshall, one of her first jobs was for a TV commercial for a beautifying shampoo. She was hired to play a girl with stringy, unattractive hair, as the crew was lighting the set, Marshalls stand-in wore a placard that read Homely Girl and Fawcetts stand-in wore a placard that said Pretty Girl. Farrah Fawcett, sensing Marshalls insecurity about her looks, crossed out Homely on the Marshall stand-in placard and she and another actress Billie Hayes were the only two auditioned for the role of Witchiepoo for H. Penny Marshall has no recollection of where it originally came from, she just knows that it was something she and her sister, Ronny, used to chant during their seven-block walk to school in the mornings when they were kids.

Back in the s, when Phil Foster was working as a stand-up comedian, he gave Garry Marshall his first job as a comedy writer. Foster mumbled and had a thick Brooklyn accent, so they feared viewers would not be able to understand him. The voices and posturing were much the same as Lenny and Squiggy's, except that the jokes were extremely blue, full of profanity and sexual references. There was also some bad behavior at times, particularly between the cast and the writers. Scripts and temper tantrums were thrown, production was delayed.

The series had debuted at number one and stayed near the top of the Nielsen ratings for the first four seasons.

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Years later, cast members admitted that such sudden success went to a lot of heads and that a lot of the dissension behind the scenes was ego-related. When any new show is just getting started, certain facts like character names, their professions, where they live, etc. Cindy Williams married singer Bill Hudson in and soon became pregnant with their first child. Even as her pregnancy progressed, however, she was still working 14 hour days and eventually had to have a hospital bed provided on the set so that she could lie down in between takes.

When the producers refused to reduce her workload and even had her scheduled to tape on her due date, Williams left the show.