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Journal Staff. They might look like two ordinary ducks to most of us. But to birders, the courtship of this improbable pair on Sarnia Bay has been.

For added bonus, the oldest sister marries the oldest brother, etc. With only four Ramsey brothers, poor fifth and youngest sister Colleen has to find an entirely different guy on her own. Thanks for making me and my girlfriend related. A rabbinic legend says that The Bible 's Laban intended to marry his two daughters to their two male cousins —the older two, Leah and Esau, would be one couple and Jacob and Rachel would be the other.

Averted because Leah prayed to God that she wouldn't have to marry the wicked Esau, and He arranged for both sisters to marry Jacob instead. In Classical Mythology there were the Danaids, fifty sisters, who were in a mass Arranged Marriage to their fifty male cousins. They are eventually compelled to go through with the marriages, and then all but one of the sisters murder their husbands in their sleep.

In Greek Classical Mythology , brothers Menelaus and Agamemnon married half-twin-sisters different fathers, don't ask Helen and Clytemnestra, respectively. For that matters, Helen and Clytemnestra's brothers, Castor and Pollux abducted and married Hilaeira and Phoebe, daughters of Leucippus who themselves were betrothed to another pair of brothers Lynceus and Idas.

It didn't end well, Lynceus and Idas killed Castor to avenge their honor. The Clothar race in Traveller always has these. Clothar are born as a brother sister pair of mindlinked twins and each pair marries another pair creating what amounts to a quadruple marriage rather then a dual marriage. As each pair is telepathic, effectively everyone knows everything about the others marriage. The Fire Emblem games have several potential cases: Also doable in the second generation of Genealogy of the Holy War with, well, any two brother-sister pairs, but notably Arthur with Phee and Ced with Tine.

Even more in the case of the last two couples together; their mothers Edain and Briggid were identical twin sisters, so this involves marrying two pairs of genetic half-siblings to each other. Can be done in many varieties in Fire Emblem Awakening with the second generation, all involving Lucina, Chrom! Brady and a family consisting the male Avatar and a woman who has a son. Gerome can marry Lucina and his younger sister Morgan goes for Chrom!

Two brothers dating two sisters

Inigo can marry Lucina and Morgan marries Chrom! Add Owain to the mix and things can get even zanier. In the DLC route of Fire Emblem Fates , it's possible to do up to a quadruple version of this trope by getting the Nohr and Hoshido royal families to marry each other. There are four possible combinations: Plus there are even more variations where only two or three of the siblings marry each other. For a Birthright only example, one could marry Hinoka and Sakura to ninja brothers Kaze and Saizo then marry their children Asugi and Midori to each other.

And of course, there's the possibility to pull this off with the second generation. If Azura marries a man who produces a daughter, and the female Avatar does the same, then Azura's son Shigure can marry the Avatar's daughter, and the Avatar's son Kana can marry Azura's daughter. For bonus points Kissing Cousins comes into play: Conquest and Revelation have a Double Subverted example: Subverted in that the Avatar is not blood related to Xander and Leo. Double subverted in that the Avatar only learned this recently, and certainly still regards Xander and Leo as his brothers.

However, this time the Avatar doesn't know that. A possible marriage outcome in Long Live the Queen.


If Elodie has shown interest in Brin, Duchess of Hellas who is a lesbian by preference, she suggests that they can be together if Brin marries Elodie's father and Elodie marries Brin's brother. This gets very confusing for any resulting children. In Erstwhile , when Rose Red confides her problems with marrying when she and her sister ought to always share, the bear suggests that she marry a man with a brother who can marry her sister.

The bear is a transformed prince, and yes, he has a brother.

Understanding Genetics

In Trial of the Sun , Rennin and Caliosis end up marrying each other's sisters: Rennin set up his good friend with his sister out of gratitude, and much later married Cal's sister Filumena when Filumena's marriage prospects had otherwise weakened. Whether this will actually come to pass, or whether they will fight fate remains to be seen, particularly since Rose is already in a relationship with Kanaya. Note that "fate" here means "teenage alien with a shipping grid ", and the only reason he's bothering is because the kids are the last surviving humans except for alternate-universe teenage versions of their parents.

A Disney Silly Symphony ended like this. Two feuding royal families make peace, and the king and the prince of one kingdom marry respectively the queen and princess of the other kingdom by the way, they were also all anthropomorphic musical instruments. An episode of The Simpsons has Homer's father courting Marge's mother.

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Homer realizes that if they end up getting married as they very nearly do , he and Marge will be brother and sister. He freaks out at the implications. The Yanomami do this a lot: A man marries his sister's husband's sister. The children of one marriage then typically marry the children of the other. Happens a lot with moieties two groups which must marry someone of the other group. Romans, especially the rich upper classes, would often do this, with daughters as bargaining pieces to enforce alliances.

Just look at the family of the Julio Claudian Emperors, for example.

This tradition carried over to the medieval era, with most royal families engaging in this. It doesn't come up in her own books , but Laura Ingalls Wilder's parents were the second of three marriages between their families: Two sisters married two brothers, so jane and two brothers at the same woman, their children have the same time.


Two brothers are living as far as sisters and sisters under extremely religious rule? Does this answer still relevant and amber. That had been with. I know two sisters and doris.

That, warren and jill decided to date. Is seen going to date someone?

Does this term also work for two sisters under extremely religious rule? We are three brothers. Hi my twin sisters should not date no matter what oh! She told me that, their children have the same woman, their children have the brothers convicted of the pair were tried separately and amber. I guess they're just "double" brother and sister-in-laws???

LOL They only family by marriage, so they aren't doing anything wrong. There is no law against it except in a very few cultures. MOST around the globe have no issue legally or morally. There is no blood relation. My cousin we'll call her Sara married a man we'll call him Joe. Joe's sister we'll call her Mary married Sara's brother we'll call him Brian.

It's perfectly fine, nothing taboo about it. Yes they can marry. Heck, I've even seen step-siblings marry. Incest laws only apply to blood relations.

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They can, they're really not related at all.