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Journal Staff. They might look like two ordinary ducks to most of us. But to birders, the courtship of this improbable pair on Sarnia Bay has been.

It's going pretty well, yep! Just barely 2 weeks ago JPS: That's a big transition but I'm sure you will love it Genny: Yep, can't really go wrong, what brought you here? Nice, where in the city are you living Genny: One of the villages, still not positive which JPS: Gotcha, I work in Soho No response, because this conversation is boring.

The next day… JPS: You want to hangout sometime soon?

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Haha will do, I'll be sure to call the house line and ask for Jenny. Ok I took it too far, sorry] Genny: Decided against the house call? Haha Yeah I didn't want a parent to answer That was very clever though Genny: No parents no rules! Haha how was your day Genny: Haha it was surprisingly good!

How about yourself JP: It was good just was busy with work. What do you do for work?

Haha I work in business development for a luxury brand from Sweden Genny: Oh you were kidding This is awkward JP: If all else fails, stripping it is Have you been exploring different neighborhoods in the city? I've at least walked through most of the neighborhoods in Manhattan Except Harlem Williamsburg, wherever the ikea ferry lets off and I work in the Bronx Very cool, so you been around a bit.

Besides the stripping thing Genny: Haha I'm an occupational therapist, doing my last rotation at a hospital JP: Any fun plans this weekend? Hopefully it's nice out Genny: No official plans this weekend, some more exploring at the least JP: I'm going out of town with some friends but sometime next week lets get together. I'll show you around Genny: Cool Monday should work for me Genny: Do you use Instagram at all?

Haha ya house phone or no house phone Cool I'll add you The convo ends there and starts back up at the end of the weekend. Hey Genny, how's your day going so far? Ugh it's been rough haha 30 minutes late to work Was there a problem with the trains? No haha I stayed out too late and slept through all my alarms JP: It happened to me once when I first moved to NY I had to be at a 11am meeting and woke up at And an hour away Wish I saw the look on your face when you hopped out of bed haha! Hanin w some work people [could I be more blunt? I usually leave my apt for work at 8: I woke up this morning at 8: Want to hangout this week?

Now I get ignored. I see how it is 6 hours later… JP: Your character is disgusting Straight up lie and act like you are interested in creating a friendship. And I'm not crazy I'm just putting it out there for the record [for the record you are crazy. I'm sorry you feel that way. I didn't mean to offend you. I didn't respond because I didn't want to keep leading you on and I've been crazy busy. Your whack go back to California Genny: Please don't text me.

If you didn't want to fucking lead me on you say it when I ask you in person don't lie to a mans face that's so corny on some child play Genny: I wasn't sure and I gues I wasn't prepared to answer such a bold question. This is going no where and you're intentionally offending me so please leave it be. Hey running like 10 late, traffic sorry. I just told him not to send me a Facebook message… Is he a robot?

Ah sry, sitting at bar Seriously another Facebook message? Neither of which are great things Eli I don't think either one of us have given each other a chance to get to know one another yet. I bet we could have a really good time together. But you have to crack the door open for me to at least have a foot in the door Genny I knoww I've told you what horrible timing this is!

Hang out with me this weekend Genny I'm too pragmatic haha, this weekend I have plans No one has plans for every second of every weekend. Eli Thinking realistic is borderline pessimistic in my opinion You have nothing to lose but maybe a couple hours of your time if you even consider that a loss. Eli I have Mother's Day plans as well so I understand. Friday night I'll entertain. I just hope you can make it Genny I'm not making any promises, I had a 3 hour exam today and I need some sleep Genny Hahaha Eli Congrats on graduation!

Eli How does it feel? Genny Absolutely no different Eli Are you going to treat yourself? Genny Just went out with a good group of friends!

Eli Sounds fun, pics? What'd you get Eli It's sweet as hell. My tail is wagging already Genny I don't have timee Eli Last time I saw you you told me "thanks for being persistent". I've tried to be persistent again but you've kept distance. You know the saying "you got to get your foot in the door"? I'm not asking for too much am I? I'll take you home as soon as you ask me to. I promise we'll have a good time.

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Genny I have a graduation party later tonight, but I could do something before Not jumping and getting all sweaty though haha Eli what's your address and what time will you be ready? I'm struggling so hard Papi Next weekend works. Whenever you have time for me. Genny What are we doing? I was gonna keep it casual so you can get a nice break Genny Haha oh ya Papi I mean Papi Well I didn't.

But some girl I was with got in trouble with her parents ya. I met her that weekend and never heard from her again. Are there cool places to hike around you? Papi There's a horse trail behind my house. I've never walked up it before tho I have chased my dogs on occasion Genny Would you want to go on a hike? As long as I'm with you Actually said something sweet after trying to make our first date smoking pot and playing video games at his parents house. Papi What are you up to tonight?

What does a little mean? Genny Hahaha idk my memory of college is all a little hazy, I know we played beer pong once at his frat Papi Cute.

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My niece does that too. Is it super important?

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Or is it one of those things you can put off for that new boy you're into? Genny What do you have in mind? Papi Definitely eating lots of food haha.

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Drinks and walking out in San Juan when it's nice and sunny. Playing with my puppies. We should lay in bed and be sick together Um, no.

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Did you stay home? Or I'll watch tv and rub your feet while you lay on the couch and read Genny Haha I would not let you rub my feet, please don't tell me you have a foot thing! I can live without it. Do you have nasty feet? I'd like that Genny For some reason I don't think that would be productive for either of us haha are you meaning today?