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Anyone else not having fun playing Destiny multiplayer?

Players who dominate back and forth will have unexplainable bad aim, the worst player will suddenly score on every rare shot he gets. This happens way too much and it's shady as shit. If I meet beginners, I'll score 20 goals on them, they won't suddenly have "autoaim" for my goal or something. I played hundreds of matches of FIFA against my cousin and trust me, certain patterns are easily noticeable after a bit, you can practically tell after 10 minutes of game time what kind of match it'll be.

Oct 26, 1, So, I just watched Jim's new video My biggest take away from it all is the quote about a future where we are in the hands of EA if we win or not. All of a sudden those scripted FIFA matches come back to my mind. Makes me wonder what systems like that Activision has in CoD. Also really funny how he says about it all sounds so conspiracy theory nuts, but we see them actually crowing about it all in papers for investors. Overall an excellent video. Oct 25, 5, Steve Youngblood , The way I understood the description of the system in the video is to continually bombard you with crappy players as opponents for you to steamroll, just because you lost a match.

I can't really see what that offers more seasoned players. Also, considering how prominent PvP-oriented games are to the more casual gamers, e. People love these games because they're competitive. I'd argue that core gamers like you and I on forums like this are those less interested in PvP competitive games in general, and are most likely SP-oriented gamers. Activision have lied before.

I gotta agree with you that this was a bit of a tangent. And I will also add that I strongly disagree with your conclusion. Frankly speaking, it's irrelevant how each player stacks up against local, regional or international competition, for most players of most online games. You're thinking too far out.

The described system is too binary in that it reduces the player's valuation and enjoyment of an online match based solely on whether they won or lost. Whereas, I'm sure many competitive PvP gamers would much rather enjoy a close match with challenging opponents that they eventually lose, than a rigged matchmaking system that successively matches them with crappy opponents that they consistently steamroll, without actually learning anything about how they can improve at the game or understand game strategies better.

Oct 26, This post seems confused. So, first, this doesn't seem to be how the matchmaking tweak that the thread is about works.

Destiny matchmaking = Utterly hot garbage. Fix it Bungie!!!

There's certainly no basis for saying that "the frequency of thrilling encounters with challenging opponents would reduce dramatically with the above described system". The idea is to only match someone as if they were a lower rank if they're on a losing streak.

Destiny 2's Competitive PvP is undergoing some changes.

If you're almost always on a losing streak, then you don't deserve your high rank to begin with -- for accurately-ranked players, this will seldom kick in. But actually it might even increase your odds of getting matched with challenging opponents. The system applies to everyone, not just you personally. If a higher-ranked player is on a losing streak, then they're going to be eligible to get matched with you.

To whatever extent you're right about this resulting in lots of players seeing lots of too-easy matches, it obviously also means that lots of players those same players, even will see lots of particularly challenging matches. The math doesn't work out otherwise. And that's assuming that the game isn't also doing something where if you're on a winning streak it matches you with better players. The bigger issue, though, is that this just misses the point. The post is about how this kind of matchmaking tweak makes the game less fun for many players.

I don't believe that, but let's roll with it. In this case, it's a bad design decision from everyone's perspective. The whole point of doing this is to make sure that players are having fun. The entire sinister plan here is to keep players having fun so that they don't quit the game and then maybe spend more money on it. If this is less fun for lots of players, then obviously publishers should just not do it, even if they're a "nickel-and-diming, profit-at-all-costs publisher like EA".

Especially if the players it's bad for are in a largely separate matchmaking pool from the players it's good for, which is the case if it's only really more fun for the worst players. Like, either it's a devious scheme to get more money by making most players have more fun or it's just a misguided design decision that doesn't even do what the publisher wants it to do, but it's not both. If it isn't more fun for almost everyone then it isn't actually serving the publisher's goal.

Oct 25, 2, Unova. The easiest solution to this problem is also the hardest. That being we all just stop buying their games. That would change their practices real quick and is the most effective way. You're focusing on the objective of this matchmaking system's design being "fun" I know that was how I prefaced it initially in my post , but the rest of JIm's video goes on to speculate on how algorithms like this can be geared around a completely different objective, i.

Frankly speaking, EA doesn't really care whether players are having fun playing their game. In which case, not every player needs to find a system like this more fun, as I almost guarantee that systems like this will be implemented to track and identify whales among the community and manipulate their matchmaking in order to funnel them into spending more. In which case, in such a system, whether you're a seasoned player on a losing streak or noob casual just looking for enjoyment, so long as you're not spending like the whales, the system will treat you as a second class citizen and employ you as a mere prop in its means of maximizing revenue from community whales.

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I kind of thought blizzard were already doing this in overwatch to be honest. That game aggressively seems to try and keep you to a 50 percent win rate. Oct 28, Yes, but there's a plausible explanation for this based on what we know exists: New players are going to be matched with other new players or players who have been playing the game for awhile but are very bad.

Oct 31, 1, I really think that we are just completely into "bitch eating crackers" territory here. Yes, I think we all know that corporations aren't trying to make their games "fun" purely out of the kindness of their hearts. They want you to buy the game.

They want you to stick with the game and hopefully spend money on DLC and microtransactions. We are in "duh" territory here with these observations. If I'm not playing their game, I'm not going to spend money on their game. This is self-evident and requires no explanation.

I think you kinda missed the entire point of that post. This makes for fairer games, but also slower and tougher games, which isn't what some people come to quickplay mode for. Many players argue that since Destiny 2 has a competitive playlist dedicated to down-to-the-wire contests of skill, it's perfectly OK for quickplay to be a bit of a mess as long as it's a fun mess.

The Destiny forums and subreddit are overflowing with posts and comments praising quickplay's accidental second wind and begging Bungie to leave the matchmaking as it is.

Destiny 2: Bungie Says Matchmaking is ‘Incompatible for Us’ – Game Rant

Every game mode should do something particularly over the top fun so that player won't leave win or lose. If I were you.

I would have just sat down. If we are kicking ass like that, no point in adding insult to injury. Ive had myself 2 of these Matches the last Saturday. I left the 2nd one and uninstalled D2. Edited by Muka Gatals: I checked this on DestinyTracker The Titan that died a lot on your opponent team Later He switched to His Hunter and stomped other team with 18 kills scoring LOL So no mater what Pretty bad programming from bungie.

Did bungie think at , there was still a chance for a comeback?? The byproduct of the PvP population reaching its life cycle steady state. It'll get little better around DLCs and slip back into this between them.